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Our Rates

Our Rates

We want you to be able to afford the legal representation that you deserve. Having a quality attorney on your side can make the difference in the outcome of your case. Our goal is to make your attorney’s fees affordable and manageable, which is why we customize a reasonable fee structure for each client, based on their individual and unique legal issue.

Based on the type of case presented, we can represent you on an hour basis, a contingency, a flat fee, or even structure a combination of several different reasonable fee programs to meet your budget. If the fee structure is on a straight hourly basis, our legal fees would be based on the actual time we spend representing you in your case. However, if we can offer you a contingency fee program, we would not charge you a single penny unless we actually obtain a recovery for you from the opposing party. Sometimes we can even offer a fixed flat fee for the entire term of our representation so you will know in advance the maximum fee you would ever have to pay for your case.

We do not accept cases just to send you a bill. That is why during our initial conference, we discuss all your options in advance to see if you can avoid a lawsuit altogether. Remember, the best resolution is prevention.

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