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What We Do

What We Do

We Get You Maximum Recovery

Although we offer legal services in a variety of matters for our clients, our primary focus is in litigation of business disputes, personal injury, family law, landlord/tenant disputes, debt collection and judgment enforcement. We also offer services in the defense of lawsuit against our clients. And we recently added simple probate to our resume and are in the process of adding additional areas of expertise to our legal offerings.

Through years of litigation experience, our lawyers have learned how to obtain the maximum recovery for our clients and how to develop preventative measures so our clients can avoid future legal problems. Our many years of experience with the California court system have given us much insight into what really happens in legal disputes. That is why we urge our clients to take preventative measures to avoid this potentially long and costly experience. However, if a lawsuit does become necessary, we put our experience to work to obtain the maximum recovery for our clients.

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